Advice on creating a profile that gets you noticed.


If you were hoping to find a separate playbook and set of rules when it comes to no strings dating for the plus-size lady, forget it. There is no "How to attract men if you are curvaceous and large manual" however the good news is you really do not need one. There are plenty of guys out there fat and thin tall and small who are attracted to women with rockin’ curves.

Until large ladies understand that some men prefer fat women they are always going to place an unnecessary psychological barrier in the way of finding a true love or a fun sex date. You only have to walk down the high street and see couples out together to see that men are attracted to all shapes and sizes. Be self confident in who and what you are fat is sexy and fat is desired by many men so do not allow your size to get in the way of any kind of dating.

Okay feeling confident about yourself can be easier said than done so if you are feeling self-conscious pick out one thing that is awesome about yourself and direct your focus to it. Maybe you have a great set of tits; an amazing set of hips, a big round ass or a stunning complexion, there will be something about you that is ultra appealing to a guy even if it isn't obvious to yourself.

This is where online dating sites profile pages are so important. It can seem a frustrating task filling in a profile but with a little care and imagination you can create a profile that really makes you stand out from the crowd. Again be confident when filling out your profile, you are selling yourself and although tooting your own horn might not come natural it is something you are going to have to do.

A picture says a thousand words, don't fall at the first hurdle by using a photo that is not up to date or doesn't show you at your best. It might be a little tricky when selecting or taking a picture for a no strings sex site but where possible have a friend take a photo of you. The best photographs are always achieved when they are slightly above you pointing down. With this in mind position yourself seated on a chair of even a bed, if standing ask your friend to stand on a chair to ensure the camera is above you and pointing down.

Take a picture smartly dressed and then another as daring as you are willing to go, remember this is a sex dating site for bbw's so no you don't look fat and yes the guy would love to see you in your lingerie, semi or fully naked. Make sure your surroundings are clean and tidy and for privacy and discreteness double check what else is showing up behind you in the picture.

As for the writing about yourself part, follow the prompts at each stage, I’m not going to tell you what to write or which boxes to tick, for the best results you need to be as honest as possible. Once again if you have a friend who you can trust ask them how they see you. Avoid complaining or mentioning your past, always start off with something positive to say or something that you enjoy doing and never leave a section blank or write in that you don't know what to put or that you are stuck for words. Just be positive and remember you can always edit and fine tune your profile at a later date.