Are you new to NSA Dating? - Advice - Tips - Guidance


Firstly NSA BBW dating is no different to any other kind of no strings attached sex date, the ladies are of a fuller figure but the etiquette remains the same for all involved. Safety comes first and enjoyment second, follow that golden rule and you won't go far wrong.

Remember to always tell someone where you are going, you might ask if that defeats the confidential and discreet appeal to NSA - imagination is king. Think up a plausible story, maybe you are meeting an old school pal or you are going to buy something from a classified advert. Meet your sex date in a public place, again use your imagination when it comes to a public venue that would not get tongues wagging a large supermarket car park is always a favourite meeting venue.

Safe sex doesn't end there, if at any stage you feel something is not right call it off and walk away. When it comes to safe sex and STD do not expect your fuck buddy to carry the condoms, always have a packet handy yourself. It might be that you have no intention of taking your date any further than a quickie shag, that is fine but it doesn't give you permission to allow your own personal hygiene to slip. Ladies and gentlemen remember to wash your bits and guys, stubble is not good and clean underwear is a must.

When you meet up with your date NO talking and NO bragging about how many partners you have had, this is not a competition and never compare the present sex date to the next. If this is your first NSA date and you are lacking in confidence and unsure how to strike up a conversation take a look at our Live BBW Sex Chat page for some inspirational tips and advice on improving your sexual knowledge and learning what women really like..

Be on time for your date, not only is it rude to keep your partner waiting, it will increase the anxiety and nerves that they might have. Remember to turn your mobile phone off guys and ladies, if leaving your phone on makes you feel that bit safer and secure then remember to put it on silent and NO checking text messages while on you date.

Don't be afraid to ask your partner what they like, ask them what their favourite sexual position is and do not over stay your welcome. One of the most awkward moments is what you should do afterwards, is it rude to get up and leave straight away and is it rude to expect to stay the night and wake up next to them the following morning. When arranging your date tell them prior to meeting with them how much time you have spare or arrange a daytime date rather than a late evening.

If your date did not work out how you expected it to and you felt it was a bit of a disaster, learn from it and ensure that the next one doesn't fail for the same reasons. When you have two people meeting for sex and fun who know little about each other there is always a chance of a mishap but do not allow it to worry you and move on. This is just one of the many benefits of a NSA sex date, you don't have to see the person again if you don't wish to.